Wednesday, 29 February 2012


a friend of mine (Stephne Conradi) chose this as her archive for one of ou workshops. I thought the whole concept was pretty cool. so here's some random info on what a wunderkammer actually is. again, taken from wikipededia, my best bud.

A cabinet of curiosities was an encyclopedic collection in Renaissance Europe of types of objects whose categorical boundaries were yet to be defined. They were also known by various names such as Cabinet of Wonder, and in GermanKunstkammer ("art-room") or Wunderkammer ("wonder-room"). 

"The Kunstkammer was regarded as a microcosm or theater of the world, and a memory theater. The Kunstkammer conveyed symbolically the patron's control of the world through its indoor, microscopic reproduction."

Of Charles I of England's collection, Peter Thomas has succinctly stated, "The Kunstkabinettitself was a form of propaganda". Besides the most famous and best documented cabinets of rulers and aristocrats, members of the merchant class and early practitioners of science iEurope also formed collections that were precursors to museums.

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