Monday, 9 April 2012


Ectoplasm  is a term coined by Charles Richet to denote a substance or spiritual energy "exteriorized" by physical mediums.

an absolute hoax but i love the shots they took

Vitshois Bondo

untitled, 2011, mixed media

untitled, 2011, mixed media

Grayson Perry

golden ghosts, 2001

Saint Claire 37 wanks accross Northern Spain


book cover for Catherine Dixon

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Nicholas Hlobo


It's hard to figure out what the giant piece of art is, as it slumbers in front of you. The large-scale sculpture Ingubo Yesizwe by this year's Standard Bank Young Artist for Visual Art, Nicholas Hlobo is now on exhibition at the Michael Stevenson gallery in Woodstock, after traveling the great seas and back again.

The sculpture was the centrepiece of Hlobo's exhibition at Tate Modern, London, which ran from December 2008 to March 2009 in the Level 2 Gallery. Made of leather off-cuts, rubber, ribbons and gauze, with an underlying steel structure, the work resembles a great, slouching creature, measuring 30 metres from its head to the tip of its long tail.

The title of the work, Ingubo Yesizwe, translates as 'clothes or blanket of the nation', referring to the Xhosa ritual whereby cowhide is used to cover a corpse before burial to protect the deceased as they enter the afterlife. The Tate Modern exhibition curator, Kerryn Greenberg, wrote: 'Ingubo Yesizwe implies protection, integration, and the potential for transformation, both of the materials Hlobo uses and the country he lives in.

visual diary
Thoba, utsale umnxeba” (2010)
Nicholas Hlobo’s handmade costumes serve the function of helping to establish his character within his performance pieces. In the piece above, the title of which means “to lower onself and make a call” in Xhosa, Hlobo wears his robe and cap in meditative concentration in order to communicate with “the space, the museum, the gallery, the location of the museum, the culture — the culture is almost foreign to me,” as he says in a interview. Hlobo’s practice includes sculptural pieces which sometimes incorporate clothing as ways to challenge or interrogate gender, sexuality, and culture and relationship of each to different notions such as comfort, pleasure, or protection.

ingubu 1

Hunter Stamp

tart card - Ian Wright

Tart cards are the means by which many London prostitutes advertise their services. Step into almost any central London phone box and you can contemplate up to 80 cards inviting you to be tied, teased, spanked or massaged.
Even if a police crackdown, the internet and the increasing use of mobile phones suggest their days are numbered, tart cards are still so pervasive they are now regarded as items of accidental art and have something of a cult following. Once on the periphery of design, tart cards have influenced the work of many mainstream artists such as Royal Academician Tom Phillips and Sex Pistols designer Ray and Nils Stevenson.

Kees van Dongen, La Femme au canapé, c. 1930

Kees van Dongen - Buveuse d'absinthe, 1902

Kees van Dongen, Masque articulé, "Les oiseaux bleus", 1920s

the beauty and sensuality of Saida, by Kees van Dongen ca 1913

this girl looks like she might be getting married. *the conventions of marriage* 

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Salvador Dalí, The Ship, 1943

The Ship is Surrealist Salvador Dali’s watercolor reworking of renowned maritime artist Montague Dawson’s classic painting forged with his own enigmatic imagery. Dali (1904 – 1989), using a technique called Paranoiac-Critical , portrayed these objects and scenarios in meticulously realistic detail, depicting a dream world in which commonplace objects are juxtaposed and transformed in a bizarre and irrational fashion. Blazing innovative trails in Surrealism, Dali used his exceptional imagination to fuel his contributions to sculpture, theater, fashion and photography.